Bluefield Area

The easiest way of getting to Bluefield is to take exit 9 off of interstate 77 in West Virginia.  Follow route 460 west all the way into Bluefield and then catch route 52.


Bluefield Train Yard—As important as the train yard was to developing the southern West Virginia coal fields, it is still active, so it is nice to drive by and appreciate, but not a very good place to stop for long at all.  

Princeton Rail Museum—Plan on exploring the Princeton Rail Museum for about an hour.

Bramwell Train Depot—The museum within the Bramwell train depot will take up at least one hour of your time.  The town of Bramwell can easily be another 45 minutes to an hour of time if you walk through and appreciate all of the architecture. 

Kimball War Memorial—Plan on spending about an hour examining the exhibits of the Memorial at Kimball.

Coalwood—Coalwood is a nice historic town, but there is not a lot to do, so don’t plan on spending too much time past some exploring.

Welch-- Welch has a very nicely kept up historic district, with a museum(The History of our Mountains Museum).  Plan to spend a few hours touring this small piece of Appalachia.