Ashland Company Store

Ashland Company Store

 ashland company store.JPGIn 1915, the community of Ashland boasted of an inn, two schools, two churches, and a population of 1,500. Miners lived in company-owned housing and were paid in "scrip" rather than cash, which the workers used to purchase nearly everything - food, clothing, and supplies from the company store. Each coal company produced its own unique scrip - highly collectible today! Today Ashland has 29 residents, many of whom worked the mines but now own their coal camp homes and enjoy life in this quiet community.

The original Ashland Company Store, located across the street from the present building, was a multi-story many-windowed structure that also served as a social hall and inn. The building burned in 1943, and the present building was then adapted to be the company store. The store carried everything the miner and his family needed or could want, including fresh fruit, foods, ice cream, clothing, toys, weapons, tools, automotive supplies, fabric, shoes, hats, coats, and dynamite. The store was a gathering place as much as anything else. The company stores formed the core of social and economic life for many thousands of workers who lived in the remote coal towns.

Today, a visit to this quaint coal town and you will find the Ashland Company Store reborn to its original use. Complete with old money vaults and tin ceilings the store has been restored to its original state!

Like the original coal company stores, we've got something for everyone.   Sample West Virginia jams, jellies, sauces and other gourmet treats. You’ll find authentic West Virginia handmade crafts, including quilts, candles and soaps, coal figurines and artwork. Other items for sale include snacks, souvenirs and even Hatfield and McCoy Trail passes.

 At the Coal Camp Cafe you will find a selection of sandwiches and box lunches to go as you enjoy the nearby Hatfield McCoy Trail. Or, try our daily West Virginia specialties. Enjoy your meal in thevintage lunch room, at one of the picnic tables or on the trail! Breakfast or lunch.

 Ashland Company Store is a living museum of coal history, from the window displays of original merchandise and store records to thespecial exhibits of coal mining hats, lanterns, and dinner buckets. Check out the historic panorama photos - and maybe identify a relative who once worked in the mines. See examples of coal company scrip from many different mines and perhaps even purchase a replica of the Ashland Coke and Coal Company scrip McDowell County WV was once the largest producer of coal in the U.S. Visit us to discover the people and their history that made this possible.

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