Economic Impact Study Released
Since 2012, Tripp Umbach, a Pittsburgh, PA firm has completed comprehensive economic impact studies for 15 National Heritage Area sites across the U.S., including an extrapolation of the economic benefit of all 49 NHA sites on the national economy. This study seeks to further quantify the economic impacts of individual NHAs. Tripp Umbach conducted economic impact studies for five NHAs in the Northeast and Midwest regions in the Fall/Winter of 2016. This report specifically focuses on the economic impact of the National Coal Heritage Area (WV) on its respective region. The results presented in the NHA economic impact study are generated on an annual basis. The economic impact in future years can either be higher or lower based on the visitor or tourist data, number of employees, operational expenditures, and capital expansion. The economic impact of the National Coal Heritage Area is $207 million annually. This economic impact consists of four main components: tourism ($205.3 million), operations ($1.1 million), grantmaking activities ($419,000), and capital expenditures ($238,000. A complete copy of the report can be found here: