No Feudin’ Just Fun


Start your Hatfield and McCoy family adventure with an Appalachian themed dinner at TAMARACK “The Best of West Virginia”. Try the Appalachian Mountain Burger with Red Eye Country Ham, Fried Green Tomatoes, Swiss Cheese, and Real McCoy Mustard Sauce. Another local favorite is the Pan-Fried West Virginia Rainbow Trout with Lemon Brown Butter, Skillet Fried Potatoes and seasonal greens. Leave room for dessert! There is Bread Pudding with Cinnamon Sauce. The show starts at 8:15 pm so travel south on Interstate 77 and merge onto Interstate 64 towards Lewisburg. Take exit 129B onto Grandview Road and travel five minutes to Grandview. As the sun sets on the Cliffside Amphitheatre allow yourself to be taken back in time to the 1800’s.  Some say it started with a dispute over ownership of a hog. Others say the ill-fated love of Roseanne McCoy and Johnse Hatfield caused it. Whatever the reason, there was bad blood between the Hatfields of West Virginia and the McCoys of Kentucky. This historical drama chronicles the battles and bloodshed spurred by pride and politics. The story of the Hatfields and McCoys has been told and retold until the real men and women diffuse into myth, but they did exist. After the smoke clears in the morning get the day started with a hearty breakfast at the Cracker Barrel located on exit 44. Now that you’ve seen the tale, take a road trip to visit The Hatfield Cemetery in Logan county. The Hatfield Cemetery is the resting place for several key participants in the Hatfield-McCoy feud. Buried here are the leader of the Hatfield clan, Anderson “Devil Anse” Hatfield; his son , Johnse, whose affair with Roseanna McCoy was a crucial turning point in the feud; French Ellis, who married into the family and was an active participant in many feud events; Devil Anse’s wife, Levicy; and several more of the Hatfield children. Begin your trip by taking exit 42 from Interstate 77 onto state route 16 also referred to as the “Coal Heritage Trail”. This portion of the trail takes you deep into coal country passing through what were once thriving coal camps including the towns of Stotesburg, Tams, Helen, Amigo and Allen Junction. The trip from Mullens to Pineville takes you through Itmann, named for coal baron, I.T. Mann, and along the scenic Guyandotte River. Follow WV-16 straight onto WV-10, straight onto WV-97. Turn onto US-52 and turn right onto WV-44

ending in the town of Sarah Ann. (Plan at least one extra day during the Annual Hatfield- McCoy Reunion Festival held in June).