Beckley Area

Interstates I-77 and I-64 both run right through Beckley.  If you are coming from the Ohio area, chances are that you can follow I-77 all the way down to Beckley.  If you are coming from western Pennsylvania or western New York then you will most likely catch I-79 to state road 19 in order to catch I-77/64 in Beckley.  If you are coming from northeast (or just east) of our wonderful state, then you will most likely come down I-81 in order to catch I-64 to come up to Beckley.  If you are coming from the southern side of our state then you will drive up a combination of I-77 and or I-81 to get to Beckley.

Fayetteville—It is easy to spend a full weekend in Fayetteville and still not see everything it has to offer, especially if you are an outdoor enthusiast.  Even if bugs and outdoors aren’t your thing, Fayetteville still full of interesting shops, restaurants, and other attractions to fill up your weekend excursion.

Canyon Rim Visitor Center—The Canyon Rim Visitor Center could easily occupy a few hours of your trip if you choose to indulge in the video presentations as well as the indoor and outdoor attractions. 

Ansted—Ansted has over a dozen attractions, most of which are associated with Hawks Nest State Park, and you could easily spend a weekend enjoying the natural beauty of the area and exploring the coal heritage.

Thurmond—Thurmond Depot is a stop that could occupy an hour or two of your time with their walking tour and indoor museum exhibits.

Tamarack—The Tamarack compound offers a plethora of opportunities for the visiting guest.  Allow at least a couple hours to just walk around and look at all of the exhibits and artworks made by West Virginians.  If you are lucky enough to catch a show, allow another hour or so for that, and don’t forget about the cafeteria at Tamarack that is staffed by chefs from the world renowned Greenbrier Resort!

Beckley Exhibition Mine—The Beckley Mine currently offers three tours under the single ticket that they sell.  Each of these tours lasts approximately one hour.  There is also the youth museum that is self guided that could take an hour of two to go through.

Sophia—Sophia is a quaint little town that has many unique shops and buildings in its historic region.  Plan on spending an hour or two to walk along these streets full of history and be sure to engage the locals as they have a wealth of knowledge.

Mullens—Allow yourself two to three hours to complete the historic walking tour of Mullens. 

Pineville—If you are an ATV enthusiast then you could spend a full week here on the Hatfield and McCoy trail.  If off-road riding is not for you, then allow an hour or so to visit the historic courthouse, and then spend as much time walking the trails around Pineville as you would like, there are plenty.

Welch—Welch has a very nicely kept up historic district, with a museum or two dedicated to the history of the area.  Plan to spend a few hours touring this small piece of Appalachia

Eccles Mine Disaster Memorial—The Eccles Mine Memorial is a nice stop, but it will not bog down your itinerary: plan on spending less than an hour here.

Helen Miner's Memorial—Account for less than one hour spent in Helen, once you reach it that is.

Twin Falls State ParkTwin Falls State Park is a beautiful resort to dedicate a weekend to.  Twin Falls has enough hiking trails and pioneer heritage to keep you busy for a weekend and that doesn’t even leave a chance for a round of golf, or a dip in the pool!