Miss M. Rock’s Mystery Tour

Begin the mystery by reserving a room at one of the many cabins, hotels or Bed & Breakfasts in the area. Have dinner at one of the locally owned restaurants in Fayetteville. After dinner take a walk around the historic town of Fayetteville. The town is full of civil war history and you can pick up a copy of the walking tour at the local visitor’s bureau located next to the Janutolo (Jan-u-toe-low) Park. The well located in the park served as the only source of water for both the Union and the Confederate armies. As a result the fighting would often come to a stand still when each side needed to refill their water buckets. Two union soldiers who would later be elected to presidency, Rutherford B. Hayes and William McKinley also served in battle in the town of Fayetteville and described the town as a fine village with comfortable homes surrounded with beautiful trees and shrubs. It was also in Fayetteville where the use   of indirect firing of artillery was used for the first time in military warfare. After your walking tour be sure and get a good night sleep, tomorrow you are going to meet Miss M. Rock.


Have breakfast at Cathedral Café a restaurant located in what was once a quaint 100-year old church. After breakfast travel across Route 19 also know as the Coal Heritage Trail. Along the trail you will cross the New River Gorge Bridge the longest steel arch bridge in the western hemisphere. After crossing the bridge stop at the Canyon Rim Visitor’s Center for a bird’s eye view of the bridge or walk 175 steps below to admire the construction of the bridge. You can also watch a 15 minute video which describes the history of coal mining and the gorge as well as browse the coal mine museum.


Keep traveling north along the trail until you reach the entrance to route 60 this is the Midland Trail. Turn right towards Ansted and Hawk’s Nest State Park. Once you reach the park purchase tickets and hop on the tram. Are you ready to meet Miss M. Rock’s? All Aboard! Sit back and relax to enjoy the best view of the New River Gorge. Miss M. Rocks the New River Jetboat will take you up the New River for spectacular views of the gorge and an up close view of the bridge. After your ride be sure and stop in Blue Smoke Salsa an award winning salsa making company located five minutes from Hawk’s Nest. Robin Hildebrand has enclosed her kitchen in glass so that you can watch her staff make their award winning salsa right on the premises. Be sure to check out the sample bar for a taste. A jar of this unique salsa makes a great gift to take home to family and friends. Across the street from Blue Smoke is the new Ansted Culture and Heritage Museum,  which houses 2 collections, one of which tells the history of the Midland Trail from pre-pioneer days to the modern industrial era of the 1940’s, the other is a collection of Civil War weapons and items.