VIPP is a unique visitation program introduced in 1986 and created to recognize ‘friends’ of West Virginia State Parks. Those individuals, families and friends have grown in number and come from the entire State of West Virginia and beyond.

To attain VIPP status participants must:

1.     Visit fifteen mandatory parks and forests and five additional areas from the list of elective parks and forests printed on the initial participation card issued.

2.     When visiting the areas, participants must stop at the park office, headquarters or front desk and have your card stamped and dated by park personnel. On those areas that do not operate a 24-hour desk or there is no one available to stamp your visitation card, you will find a modified birdhouse with a stamp specific to that area. We operate under the merit system at these areas and accept your date written by the stamp you place on the card.

3.     The program is not a race, nor are there any expectations of completion in a given amount of time. The expectation is that completed cards submitted are truthful and that the individual actually visited the areas indicated.

4.     The program is open to any person regardless of their race, religion, color, national origin, ancestry, sex, age, disability, or other legally recognized protected status.

5.     Once a participant has personally completed the required visits, sign the back of the card and mail it into the Parks and Recreation office.


West Virginia State Parks VIPP Program
State Capitol Complex
Building 3, Room 714
Charleston WV 25305

6.     When the completed card is received the information is logged and your VIPP jacket will be mailed to your address. Each VIPPer receives a jacket for completion of the initial card. Jackets are issued only once. Replacement jackets may be purchased, as available, but only by individuals who have completed the program.

7.     There is no limit to the number of times you may complete the program.

8.     For each additional completion, a star is awarded for placement on the VIPP jacket. Participants become a Star VIPP upon the second completion, upon the third, a Two Star VIPP, etc.

9.     Star VIPPers receive a VIPP Star Card. Star VIPP cards are mailed after completion of the initial VIPP card. The practice of having multiple cards stamped for one individual or having multiple cards stamped for other individuals who are not present at the park or forest is strongly discouraged.

10. The coordinator for the VIPP program is Carol Stewart. She and her husband are 14-star participants and were VIPPers long before Carol came to WV State Parks to serve as VIPP coordinator. She enjoys an earlier retirement but refuses to retire completely and thus serves as VIPP coordinator on a part-time basis. She is in the office on an intermittent schedule.
If you plan to stop by to drop off completed cards, please call or email in advance. This allows the participant and Carol to discuss cards, jackets, stars and all VIPP questions that arise. Her email address is The phone number is (304) 558-2764. If you reach her voice mail, please leave a message with your name and phone number so she may return your call. Carol makes every attempt to contact VIPPers and to complete requests as soon as possible.

11. VIPP cards issued are logged prior to mailing. A database is maintained to track jackets, stars, cards and license plates issued.

There is no charge to register in the VIPP program.


To register for this lifetime of state park fun:
complete the online VIPP registration form